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Your e-book will be finished and ready to sell in precisely 24 HOURS of work - you can set your stopwatch!

I Make A Living On The Internet.

Who Am I?

My name is Melanie Mendelson, and I make a full-time living on the Internet by selling e-books.

Here's proof (the screenshot from my e-book sales report). The "paycheck" column shows the checks that I get every 2 weeks from the sales of just one of my e-books:

I Make Money Online, And So Can You:

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Why Am I In The E-Book Business?

Because I am lazy and always seek shortcuts :) Seriously, I just don’t want to deal with having employees, inventory, phone calls, face-to-face sales, etc. Yes, I admit I like to hide behind a computer screen :)

E-book makes the best kind of product. People have a problem, and they buy your information that provides a solution. That's why the e-books are also called information products.

People buy all kinds of information products - on how to lose weight, quit smoking, find love, raise their children, get a job, bake a cake, you name it. There are thousands of entrepreneurs quietly making a killing selling information on the whackiest topics imaginable.

You create your e-book once, and sell it over and over and over. Because the information is all in a document and is delivered through the computer, there is no shipping cost, and the profit is 100% yours. That's almost like printing money!

If It's So Great, Why Aren't More People Doing It?

The answer is simple. Because writing an e-book seems too hard.

You have to write. And writing is very intimidating.

"I don't know what to write about"

"I don't even know where to start"

"I just stare at the blank screen"

"I can't write"

"I hate writing"

"Writing is painful"

"It will take too long"

Do any of these sound familiar?

I Have Personally Felt Your Pain... It Took Me Over 5 Years To Get Over The Dread Of Writing...

I hate to admit it, but I wasn't always a success story. I was a regular 9-to-5 employee, doing computer programming at a soul-sucking corporate job. I always hated working for others and dreamed of working for myself, but it took me over 5 years to go from a wanna-be to a doer.

I first discovered the infoproduct business model in 1997. But it wasn't until June 2002 when I started writing my first e-book.

Why? Because I thought I coudn't write, that writing was too painful, that I could never pull it off... and a million other excuses.

Until one day I got REALLY MAD at my boss. He really got to me that one time and I decided that I've had it with the corporate life. I literally forced myself to write my first e-book.

After that, the rest is history. I put my e-book online and started selling it. I quit my dreaded full-time corporate job in October 2002 to work on my Internet business full-time and never looked back. I've been self-employed ever since.

Even Then, Writing Didn't Come Easy... Until I Discovered The Shortcut

At first, I was going on pure willpower - I still hated writing, but was forcing myself to do it. It was a matter of choosing what I hated more: the writing process or the big bad boss. And writing was the lesser of the 2 evils :)

And then came the big breakthrough... I cranked out a new e-book in just 3 days, and it became my most successful product to date, earning over $150,000 in profit in 2 years.

So not only writing that e-book was unusually easy, but also it was wildly profitable. In contrast, my earlier e-books were really painfull to write and made me much less money.

I sat back and started analyzing: what made that e-book different? And I figured it out.

I was able to re-create the process of writing that one easy e-book over and over again, and by doing so, I developed it into an easy-to-follow system.

After that, every single one of my e-books followed THE FORMULA that I discovered and they were all very easy to write. I no longer dread writing, and can now crank out more and more infoproducts in a very short time.

In fact, writing e-books is now so easy, it's almost effortless. And if you want to join me in churning out quality infoproducts in record speed, you now can.

The 24 Hour E-Book Writing System...

How To Write Profit-Pulling E-Books
In Exactly 24 Hours Of Work - Guaranteed!

With This New Step-By-Step System, You Will Be Churning Out Quality E-Books In Just 24 Hours (Even If You Hate Writing)

My new system leads you through a series of easy steps and tells you exactly what to do.

Using my system is the next best thing to having me stand there personally and guide you through writing your next profit pulling e-book.

You simply follow it and create an e-book product in exactly 24 hours of work - period.

How you spread out those 24 hours is up to you. If you put in 4 hours per day, you'll have a finished infoproduct in 6 days. If you put in 8 hours per day, you'll finish it in 4 days. Even a measly 30 minutes per day will get you to a ready-to-sell e-book in less than two months!

I will tell you exactly what to do.

This system is for people who want a structured guide that they can follow and get an e-book written in exactly 24 hours of work.

My system is not information-based,
it's ACTION-based.

It tells you: "Step 1: do this, it will take 30 minutes. Step 2: do this, it will take 30 minutes", etc. You simply follow it - no guesswork.

You follow the action guide step by step - and after putting in 24 hours of work, you have your e-book. Set your timer. 24 hours.

The problem with many books is that they talk about lots of "smart" things, but don't give you a good plan to follow. You read them and think "OK, that's nice", and nothing changes - you are left exactly where you started.

So I took a different approach. I created a true system - no fluff, just a simple step-by-step process you will duplicate and get the results you want - guaranteed!

Here's What Others Had To Say About
The 24 Hour E-Book Writing System:


The knowledge I have gained just by reading your "24 Hour E-Book Writing System" will breathe new life into many of my own unfinished products currently abandoned on my computer. When I started these projects (before I read your guide) I was inspired but then quietly gave up thinking it would take much too long to complete. Now I know better :)

There are many many points you cover that I never thought of to organize ideas etc. I love the way it’s presented – quick, to the point, very useful and informative.

Your system proves that you can write a solid information product in 24 hours that contains the most important information of all (specific info to solve immediate problems, not a bunch of “this, that, and everything but a solution”).

Outstanding product Melanie, I’m sure you will have good success with this!"

Mike Hill

"Melanie's e-book creation system is simple but complete. It covers the process step-by-step and tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. Screen shots and clear instructions make it all brain-dead simple.

Now for the first time, not even a complete newbie has any excuse for not creating profitable info-products and making money with them.

Melanie's product compares favorably with big-ticket packages that cost 10 or more times as much.

Follow Melanie's plan and there's no acceptable reason not to have your own info-product ready to sell in just a few days."

Steve Humphrey

"Melanie, I do think your product delivers everything you say it does and if a person spends the full 24 hours DOING exactly as you have it laid out step-by-step, they will end up with an OUTSTANDING product. "

Gordon Jay Alexander

"Hi Melanie,

Thanks for showing me a great way to create my infoproducts faster. I
really like the way you broke it down into easy to manage steps. I
estimate this will save me at least 25% of the time I used to spend
creating an infoproduct."


Mike Humphreys

Melanie has hit the nail on the head with this product. She lays out everything step-by-step and leaves nothing unanswered. Everything was well written and easy to understand.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a great guide to develop a quality product FAST!

Darrell Tyler

"Hi Melanie,

I just read your ebook and I really love it. You've shown me a very easy and quick way to create my own information products.

I am now able to organize the process of creating new information products several times faster, which will enable me to make even more money.

You truly have a unique method for creating information products, thanks for a great guide!"


Mehmet Aksoy

"Hi Melanie,

I just finished reading your newest guide, "24 Hour E-Book Writing System". I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found the information to be.

Your guide is well written and the steps outlined are easy to follow. I like how you have broken down each step into "bite size" chunks - making everything easier to comprehend and retain.

For anyone struggling to crank out their first infoproduct, your manual should be required reading.

Kudos on doing such a great job!

All the best of success,

Ronnie Bussey, Texas

"The 24 Hour E-Book Writing System is an excellent manual. It's refreshing to find authors who can produce value for their readers and this product definitely is valueable for anyone wishing to write their own info product in a short amount of time.

The hardest part of writing is having no plan or structure to follow. One of the biggest advantages of the 24 Hour E-Book Writing System is that the plan is pre-made for you. All you have to do is work the plan and out pops your info product, and fast."

Glen Jansen

You just can't go wrong with this system. Follow the easy steps, and have your e-book finished in exactly 24 hours of work.

If you are a complete novice, you will be churning out e-books like you've been doing it all your life. And if you've already created a few information products, my system will help you increase production.

If you've already written 1 money-making e-book… now you can write several others in the same amount of time. If you've got 5 e-books making money for you… why not focus on it and make it 25?

You will get a no-nonsense guide available in the industry’s leading universal digital document format (Adobe PDF). Your guide clearly explains the entire system and the steps required to create your own e-book in exactly 24 hurs of work.

Get Started Right Away

Get you very own copy of the 24 Hour E-Book Writing System for just $37. The 24 Hour E-Book Writing System is in electronic format - you will download it instantly to your computer and will get started today.

Digital delivery is instant and secure, and you even get an 8 Week Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply let me know within 8 weeks from purchase, and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

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Best Regards,

Melanie Mendelson

P.S. - You can do nothing and continue trying to write the hard way. Or get the 24 Hour E-book Writing System and start churning out e-book after e-book with ease and watch your business grow. What do YOU choose?

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